duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Peach Bowl Blogging

In about 30 minutes, the 5-Time National Champion Miami Hurricanes will begin kicking the crap out of the LSU Tigers.


Maybe I'll liveblog some of the game, time permitting.

Miami is the road team, so they'll be sporting their white jerseys. Hopefully, they'll wear the white pants as well, because I'm really not crazy about those green uniform pants. Yeah, I have issues. I know.

Anything is better than the godawful throwback unis they wore earliere this year.

You can follow the game with live stat updates at the Peach Bowl website.

Update: Miami is rocking the home orange jerseys. Nice!

Halftime: Well, there is much crap-kicking going on, but I am chagrined to note that it is the guys in the yellow hats that are doing it. We need a huge 2nd half...

4th Qtr: 12:27 left. 37-3 LSU. Good God, what an unmitigated disaster....stop throwing, guys. Just run the ball so this can mercifully be over.

Final: 40-3 LSU. Miami looked lost out there. They had no answers to anything LSU threw at them, and then followed it all up with a classy tunnel brawl. In that sense, it was like old times. Except without the winning...

This is the most ignominious Miami Hurricanes football loss in recent history. I thought they were a better team than this, but the numbers---and my eyes---don't lie. Miami was totally unprepared, while LSU looked good enough to beat any team in the country.

The Canes got slapped around.
Kicked all over the field.

Then, when it was finally over, they couldn't even deal. They threw punches in the tunnel like a bunch of petty little thugs, adding insult to injury.

How utterly disappointing.

If this is the level of play we can expect to see against quality opponents, it'll be a million years before they win anythiung meaningful again.

The Canes need fixing. Let's see what happens.

One thing's certain:

2001 seems like a million years ago.