duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Once upon a time...

...the Noonz wanted to work in movies.

I was a film student at Miami, and I worked on a few features as a PA when I got out of school. Along the way, I got sick of not making any money and came to the realization that as interesting as being on sets was, I liked watching movies a whole lot more than the grind of making them.

Let me digress for a moment. People who act or perform on-set functions know this, but the average moviegoer really has no idea, no matter how many HBO "First Look" docs they see: People who work on film and television productions bust their asses. The hours are insane. The work can be highly stressful. Much crap is dealt with.

Sometimes it's fun, though. Sometimes you meet great folks on the project. Alfred Molina comes to mind here. I interned on The Perez Family, and Alfred (who played the male lead) was a super guy. Classy. Friendly to everyone. I root for him to win an Oscar someday.

Anyway, I'm rambling and way off track. Back to the point of this whole thing.

Another movie I worked on was Reckless. Shot here in CT, it starred Mia Farrow, Scott Glenn and Mary-Louise Parker. I remember that the Teamster captain on the show, Frank, had some of the best set stories I've ever heard.

Anyway, Reckless was a weird movie. I didn't really like it very much when I went to the premiere in NY. It was the last gig I worked on before I pulled the ripcord and bailed out to regular-jobdom.

Today, I found something that made me crack a smile. Reckless, that strange movie that nobody I know has ever even heard of, gave me a novelty that comes as a complete surprise.