duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

A few thoughts, to kick things off...

  • The Lieberman/Lamont story is a joke. Even if Lamont is the Dem candidate, Lieberman will destroy him and the CT GOP's sacrificial lamb in a 3-way. This'll result in an interesting scenario: Lefty lamentations over the election of a big-time liberal to office.
  • A-Rod: the "A" is for albatross
  • I'm more excited about Miami Vice than Superman
  • I have read 4 Vince Flynn novels in the last six weeks, and am devouring #5 right now. Like political/military/techno-thrillers? Look no further.
  • Of all the albums I've downloaded in recently, Van Morrison's The Complete Bang Sessions, and Pat DiNizio's Songs and Sounds are two of the best.
  • The million-dollar Bugatti Veyron is, quite simply, the greatest car I've ever seen.
I've missed NoonzWire. It's nice to be back.